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Tanisha Haltiwanger – Administrator, Financial Management Officer

Email: hr@alphaomegamdrs.com

Tanisha Haltiwanger is currently an Administrative Manager for a nonprofit organization.  Experienced at working in a fast-paced environment demanding strong organizational, technical and superior customer service.  Tanisha has over 20+ years of Human Resources experience focused primarily on Executive Compensation and Retention, Employee Compensation and Benefits in the corporate and nonprofit sector.

Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to Alpha & Omega Community Services’ mission.

Tanisha is passionate and determined to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve through a person-centered program geared to promote a positive self-image.  She’s committed to the spiritual, intellectual development of youth, and seniors and their economic empowerment – Based on the following: respect for self and family, spirituality, justice and integrity.

Specific responsibilities include:

Financial Management

  • Review and approve preparation and finalization of monthly and annual financial reporting materials and metrics for Alpha & Omega Community Services’ board of directors.
  • Oversee budgeting, financial forecasting, and cash flow for administration, existing programs, and proposed new sites.
  • Coordinate all audit activities.

Administrative Leadership and Management

  • Serve as a business partner to the ED on the Alpha & Omega Community Services’ financial, budgeting, and administrative processes—including HR, payroll, and benefits functions—with an eye to continuously developing and improving systems.
  • Lead Alpha & Omega Community Services’ technical staff to design an IT plan for the future, and implement it successfully to meet IT needs (hardware and software) as the organization grows.
  • Manage Alpha & Omega Community Services’ physical infrastructure, physical plant, and system maintenance (phone system, security, cleaning, supplies, etc.), with assistance from two office managers.

Program Recipient Mentoring

  • Develop successful and trusting relationships with the program recipients and create and sustain an environment at Alpha & Omega Community Services that supports these relationships.
  • Teach/facilitate classroom activity approximately three hours per week, and serve as an adviser for approximately five program recipients (required of all Alpha & Omega Community Services’ staff).