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Residential Service Program

Alpha & Omega Community Services Corporation will operate a Supportive Living

The primary objective of Alpha & Omega Community Services, Residential Program is to support the individual and their family to achieve their goals by providing home care services in homes, and retirement communities. Whether the goal is to remain living at home, expedite recovery after surgery or hospitalization, provide respite. Our experienced caregivers and staff are committed to providing the quality care required to meet those goals.

  • To expedite recovery safely, and maintain personal dignity by restoring patients to useful functional activity.
  • To achieve and sustain an optimum state of health, activity and independence for those we serve.
  • To furnish skilled and unskilled nursing and personal care services at a competitive cost to patients.

All our home care services are priced competitively and we accept most insurance, and Self-Pay.

How can Alpha & Omega Community Services Residential Program help you achieve your home care goals?

We are available 24 hours a day; 6 days a week (closed Sundays) to answer your calls and questions Call 301-455-9560 or email us at alphaomegacommunityservices@gmail.com

Personal Care Services

Our experienced Companion Aides, Personal Care Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Certified Medication Aides (CMA) provide a variety of services that assist with the activities of daily living.

Our experienced caregivers provide specialized care unique to diagnosis.

Our Case Managers will tailor a person-centered care plan to meet the unique set of specialized care needs of the individual and their family.

Learning Caregiver Skills

If the stress of being a caregiver is wearing you down and you need caregiver support, you are not alone.

Alpha & Omega Community Services Residential Program has several programs designed to relieve caregiver stress and burnout.

Respite – As a Caregiver it is important to take breaks for yourself. Alpha & Omega Community Services Residential Program can provide respite care based on the hour, the day or by the week.

Caregiver Skills – As a caregiver, do you sometimes feel you do not have all the skills or all the answers in how to deal with your loved one? Alpha & Omega Community Services Residential Program can work with you to fill in the “gaps” and teach you the skills necessary. 

Our Registered Nurse assesses the home and the needs of your loved one and develops a care plan that will provide trained staff to come into your home and demonstrate the skills as identified in the assessments. The caregiver skills program is backed up by Alpha & Omega Community Services’ Residential Program telephone support. Even after the demonstration has been conducted and you require additional support, Alpha & Omega Community Services’ Residential Program can provide step-by-step advice.

Every family situation is unique. That is why our Professional Care Managers, work closely with each family to understand their specific situation.

Based on a clinical assessment, the Care Manager develops a Person-Centered Plan of Care. He or she then works with the Caregiver and the family every step of the way to follow the plan, update it as needed and ensure compliance.