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Person – Centered Planning

The person-centered description (PCD) is an exciting enhancement to Alpha & Omega Community Services’ person-centered plan. Each Veteran, Senior and Youth we serve will have a plan of care/services that is person-centered focused, which is developed on admission, and support by all providers.

This unique, person-centered process, developed by the Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse for In- Home Companion Aide Services, and the Cubs to Lions Management Team for the Youth Services;  on admission, enables all members of the team to more closely align their support with each client’s unique needs and desires for his/her care/services.

The person-centered plan focuses the support on each client’s needs, goals, and dreams.

Additionally, the inclusion of a Person Centered Plan offers more involvement and input by the person receiving care/services, and utilizes person-centered thinking as a base for all actions.

The result: a person-centered plan that more accurately reflects the desired outcomes for the client’s life, with clear objectives for his/her support team.

Person-centered thinking is a philosophy behind service provision that supports positive control and self-direction of people’s own lives. Alpha & Omega Community Services is working to implement person-centered thinking through training sessions and other agency wide initiatives.

Teaching and supporting the use of person-centered thinking skills means that it is likelier that service plans will be used and acted on, that updating service plans will occur “naturally,” needing less effort and time, and that the person’s ability to lead a fulfilling, independent life is maximized.

Training sessions offered have focused on participants’ acquisition of basic person-centered thinking skills, such as:

    • The importance of being listened to and the effects of having no positive control.
    • The role of daily rituals and routines.
    • How to discover what is important to people.
    • How to respectfully address significant issues of health or safety while supporting choice.
    • How to develop goals that help people get more of what is
    • important to them while addressing issues of health and safety.

The training in person centered thinking is recommended for all paid staff regardless of their role.