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Linda Barnes MSN, RN, RHIT- Health Care Service Coordinator/Educator

Email: Lindangreg@aol.com

Phone: 202-733-8741

Linda Barnes has been an Registered Nurse since 1993; She received her MSN from Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland with a concentration in Nursing Administration. She has extensive experience in Community Health, Mental Health, Adult and Geriatric Health, and Pediatric Home Care / School Health. Presently she’s an Adjunct Professor at the University of the District of Columbia Workforce Development of various Nursing Systems.

Linda will bring a sound knowledge base of the District of Columbia’s Scope of Practice Laws; which would allow her to provide policy interpretation and ensure accurate and consistent application of all organization policies and procedures in accordance with federal and state laws.

Linda is passionate and determined to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve through a person-centered program geared to promote a positive self-image.  She’s committed to the spiritual, intellectual development of youth, and seniors and their economic empowerment – Based on the following: respect for self and family, spirituality, justice and integrity.

As a Health Care Services Coordinator; Linda will work closely with patients on a one-on-one basis. She will provide guidance, support, and advice to patients dealing with complex medical issues. She will help her clients navigate through a medical care scenario that may involve a variety of different doctors and treatment methods. Duties can include scheduling appointments, assisting with major decisions, helping patients understand complex medical information, evaluating care quality, and working with other health care professionals to ensure that the correct path is being taken.

Linda will be accountable directly to the Chief Operating Officer. She will directly oversee the management of the referrals and medical records processes to ensure patient documents are processed in a timely manner and in accordance with our policies.