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Kim R. Blowe, LPN, Founder, Quality Assurance Manager

Email: alphaomegacommunityservices@gmail.com


Ms. Kim Blowe, the Founder, established the organization in 2006 from a vision created by her and her mother. She also serves as Quality Assurance Manager and Care Coordinator with over 40+ years of experience in providing and offering dependable, caring, compassionate expertise care in various healthcare settings, acute care-, short- and long-term care, outpatient clinics, home health, and group home. 

The Care Coordinator is to coordinate team-based care to provide health services to individuals, through effective partnerships with patients, their caregivers/families, community resources, and their physician.

Facilitates a “shared goal model” within and across settings to achieve coordinated high-quality care that is patient and family centered.

As the Quality Assurance Manager, Ms. Blowe is responsible for providing strategic leadership, by working under the direct supervision of the RN Supervisor, and the Board of Directors and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. 

 In addition, she is a DC Superior Court appointed Advocate for individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities living in Residential Programs and a member of the Human Rights Committee of Volunteers of America (which provides residential services under DDA). She also formulated a Youth Bible Class at her Church in 1991 serving approx. 25 Children; and their reading comprehension level went up 2-3 grade levels because of their programming.

Ms. Blowe was also a teenage mother – who was blessed to have a “village” to help me raise my children- grandmother, godmother, mother, brothers, neighbors, and church members.

Unfortunately, the Village has disappeared in their neighborhoods- she wants to help bring it back. She was born in Washington, DC and attended DC public schools.

“We are dedicated to worship God through our Service to Man”.