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Ashley Robinson-Tibbs – Program Coordinator Assistant/ Mentor


Phone: (301)257-1861

Mrs. Ashley Robinson-Tibbs has worked for various DDA/DDS providers in the metropolitan area providing quality care and program coordination for the last 8 years. With 13 years of extensive customer care and service training, she has proven to be efficient and effective in her field. She has integrated her expertise with her love of GOD to implement programs that support the growth and progression of troubled youth, teen moms and mentally challenged individuals.

As a fellow DC native, Ashley Robinson-Tibbs graduated from Dunbar Senior High school and continued her education at Stratford University’s business management program. Her ongoing community outreach in addition to her knowledge of business has made her a hot commodity in corporate America amongst big name organizations such as Marriott Inc. and Bank of America.

As a shining DC Socialite she has collaborated with several organizations to aid in fund raisers, donation drives as well as non-profit program coordination. Giving time and services for organizations such as S.O.M.E, Feed the Hungry, Girls Scouts USA and many more are all just some of the many fruits or her services. Mrs. Robinson-Tibbs is certified in the following: First Aid, CPR, AED and Serve Safe. Her skillset and abilities are limitless!

Duties and responsibilities with Alpha & Omega Community Services include, but not limited to the following: Executive Management Support,  Staff Management, Appointment Setting, Community Outreach and Staff/Volunteers Recruitment/ Development /Retention.